How to Make Quick Shiro.

Recipe by Alemtsehay Asefa

Here is a recipe for shiro as derived from the neighborhood of Olympia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Injera should be available at any of the local Ethiopian restaurants. There are a few on Telegraph in Berkeley: Addis, Caluchi, and some others. You can also find it farther down Telegraph in Oakland at some Ethiopian/African grocery stores. When buying injera always ask if it is made soley with "teff" grain. There should be no substitute or mixing, but usually there is as little bit of wheat mized in the flour when you are in the states. Avoid wheat if possible.


  1. Vegetable oil
  2. Chopped red onion
  3. Beri beri (ground Ethiopian red peppers)
  4. Crushed or pureed tomatoes
  5. Pureed garlic
  6. Roasted pea, chick pea, or bean flour (shiro powder)
  7. Herb-laced butter (recipe to come - you can use regular butter).

Equipment required:

  1. Flame-based heat source for cooking
  2. Deep-sided frying pan

Heat up the oil.

Add about 1.5 cups of chopped onions.

Sautee the onions.

Add the chilli powder.

Keep stirring.

Add a can of tomato paste

Add the pureed garlic.

Add some boiling water.

Stir in three heaping tablespoons of shiro powder.

keep stirring until it becomes a thin soupy paste.

Add a teaspoon of salt.

Add a few green peppers (hot).

Add two tablestones of yummy butter (infused with spices - recipe coming soon).